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Blue Glow from the cyclotron Ds outgassing under high voltage in the cyclotron chamber www.niell.org: Science and Electronics

Homebuilt Cyclotron Number 2: 1995 ISEF Project Homebuilt Cyclotron Number 1: 1994 ISEF Project
Homebuilt Linear Accelerator: 1993 ISEF Project Tesla Coil Powered Plasma Globe
Blowing things up with capacitor banks Gallery of pretty pictures of things blowing up from electrical impulses from a capacitor bank
Fist Nixie Clock, 10/2004 Third Nixie Clock project, with IN-17 Nixies, 7/2005
Retro Nixie Clocks, all sold out Nixie Clocks designed for CNC Creations
Next nixie tube clock Индикатор-6 nixie tube clock
Dead current probe Office Amp Project
20kW Solid State Modulator with MOSFETs Analog 6-channel Home Theatre Audio Project
Why everyone should do a science fair project.  
Also, four of my best science fair projects over the years I try and answer all science questions that come my way, and here are lots of the responses.
I was featured in the BBC/PBS show Stephen Hawking's Universe demonstrating my particle acceleartors As a result of winning the 1994 ISEF, I was a guest of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences at the 1994 Nobel Prize proceedings
I really had fun at the Universty of Chicago Scavenger Hunts.  One year, I built a bridge across the Midway Surplus Tube Sales
•1995 ISEF Entry: Resonance Spectral Analysis with a Homebuilt Cyclotron
•1994 ISEF Entry: Particle Mass Resonance with a Homebuilt Cyclotron
•1993 ISEF Entry: Subatomic Particle Interactions with a Homebuilt Linear Accelerator
•1992 Science Fair Project: Tesla Coil Driven Plasma Globe

•Wildly Dangerous Capacitor Bank Experiments
•Gallery of Capacitor Explosion Experiment Photos
•A 44L Round Bottom Flask Used As A Beer Fermenter

•First Nixie Tube Clock project
Retro Nixie Clocks All sold out!
•Third Tiny Nixie Tube Clock project
Индикатор-6 nixie tube clock Sold out!

CNC Creations Nixie Tube Project On sale now!
Decent Office Amp Project
Retro Nixie Tube Desk Clock sold out
Analog 6-channel Home Theatre Audio Project

Fluke 80i-110s current probe product review
•20kW Linear Amplifier using Mosfets
•Some resonators I built as a study at FNAL in 1996

•My Research, or Why all kids should do Science Fair Projects
•The Ask Fred Project archives

•I was featured in the BBC/PBS cosmology series Stephen Hawking's Universe
•As a result of winning the ISEF overall in 1994, I attended the 1994 Nobel Prize ceremonies

•Each year, the U of C holds the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt, which is always a lot of fun
•I also have a largeish collection of tubes for sale

Recent Additions

Hey everybody - I finally started a separate site Nielltronix for my company


I made a fermenter out of a 44L round bottom boiling flask that my father acquired in the mid-70s. It makes pretty good beer!
Symmetry Magazine did a story about me and other amateur cyclotron builders after the Small Cyclotron Conference in New York this year. I was a speaker at the conference (which was a lot of fun!).
Society for Science and the Public also wrote a blurb about me in their blog - covering my career and the influence the ISEF had on it.
I was featured on engadget.com which is pretty cool - (thanks!)
I also got picked up by retrothing.com, which is totally awesome
Stephen Hawking's Universe video clips, dug up specially for Anita
The first one begins with the setup at about 6:45 minutes in.
The second one starts with me!
It's a little cringeworthy looking back at these. That was 1996. Where did the time go...?
Apparently, my friend Justin and I are responsible for one of Popular Science's Most Famous College Pranks. Awesome!
I switched webhosting from my old linux box to an actual server at Wiredhost. Awesome!
I now work for my own consulting company Nielltronix

The U of C paper 'The Chronicle' interviewed me my Junior year
Hey, all those rumors about the reactor are true!
Check out the mention in the New York Times
Eagle & Eagle TV listed me as a science consultant on their "The Nuclear Boy Scout" show for UK's Channel 4
And they mention the nuclear reactor story in the Wikipedia University of Chicago article
The U of C News Office had a news release about the 2005 Scavenger Hunt.
They included a photo of Justin and me in front of the reactor shed in 1999.
1994 Science News article about the ISEF, mentioning my cyclotron
Apparently, I'm listed in IMDB for the Nuclear Boyscout


Summary of Results of Solid-State Pulsed Power System Research on the NGLS Stripline Kicker Driver in IEEE Trans. Plasma Science
Scientific Equipment Procurement conference talk for Small Cyclotron Conference 2010
Retro Nixie Tube Clock V2 manual now up.
Pac'99 conference paper
I coauthored a paper at SPIE this year based on work I did at Energetiq Technology
Someone asked me about what muons are and moreover, what muonium is
A pretty extensive artistic statement in my nixie tube Clock Manual
Beyond Standard Model Physics in dS/dM
My Prelim Defense on the Front-Back Asymmetry
A paper on Large Extra Dimensions in Field Theory
A treatise on magneforming, also known as Pulse Magnet Crimping which Bert Hickman puts this to good use when shrinking quarters

"Ludwig Boltzmann, who spent much of his life studying statistical mechanics, died in 1906, by his own hand. Paul Ehrenfest, carrying on the work, died similarly in 1933. Now it is our turn to study statistical mechanics. Perhaps it will be wise to approach the subject cautiously."
-David L. Goodstein
States of Matter, 1975

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