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Here's the idea. If you are interested in something I have for sale, email me. I will work a quote for you, including shipping. You should hear back from me in about 2 business days. Parts will be shipped via Express Mail. Heavier orders will be shipped via UPS. I will give you all the pertinent information (i.e. where you send your money) in your quote email. You can pay with personal checks or money orders. Payment in money order allows me to ship your parts same day I receive your money. Personal checks must clear my bank before I can ship to you. For a quote, please email me at Thanks!


All tubes are NOS, although they may not be in their original box. Several manufacturers are available for most tubes, so if you have a request, I can look for you. Sometimes I may only have a used tube, and I will notify you of this in your quote email. If there is only a used tube, I will give you a discount of about 50%, depending on the tube. There is only a 7 day guarantee on the tubes, as they are tested before I ship them to you. Tubes can be matched, for $2/pair extra. Dual triode tubes can also be matched, for $4/pair extra. That's probably enough fine print for now. Now for the tubes:

Tube type Price
0A3 $5.00
0B2 $4.50
0B3(VR-90) $3.00
OC3(VR-105) $4.00
0D3 $4.00
8016(1B3GT) $4.00
1LC6 $3.00
1LN5 $4.00
1R5 $5.00
1T4 $3.00
2AP1 (crt) $Ask in email
2D21 $3.00
2E26 $5.50
3A4 $4.00
3B7 (1291) $2.50
3D6 (1299) $8.50
829B(3E29) $15.00
3S4 $2.50
5R4WGA $6.00
5U4GT $20.00
5Y3G $Ask in email
5Y3GT $4.00
6AG5 $2.50
6AK5 $3.00
6AL5 $2.50
6AQ5W $5.00
6AS7G $10.00
6AU6 $4.00
6B4 $32.00
6BA6 $4.00
6C4(EC90) $4.00
6CB6A $3.00
6D6 $4.00
6GB6G $8.00
6GH8A $3.00
6H6 $2.50
6J6 $3.00
6K6GT $4.50
6T8A $2.50
6W4 $2.50
6X4 $4.50
6X5GT $4.00
6X8A $4.00
6Y6GT $3.50
12A6 $2.50
12AT6 $3.00
12AT7 $6.00
12AU7 (ECC82) $6.00
12B4A $4.00
12SK7 $4.00
12SK7GT $4.50
43 $5.00
50B5 $2.50
83 $20.00
394A $17.00
717A $17.00
837 $7.00
1626 $3.50
9002 $5.00
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